Loose, lush, garden inspired wedding and event floral design based in Seattle, Washington and always happy to travel. . .

I believe that warmth and grace are paramount in life (with a lot of fun thrown in too) I think a genuine smile at a stranger can go a long way and that always opting for friendliness first makes all the difference. Naturally, flowers are the perfect medium for my creative energy, just their presence alone makes people warm up..  You can see it in the face of strangers when I walk by with a bouquet in my hands for delivery or the way tourists are awed by the stalls of flowers at our local market, let alone the delivery of a bridal bouquet on that special day. No one is immune to natural beauty and its effect on our subconscious.  It is my belief that nothing can set the 'feel' of your ideal wedding the same way that beautifully arranged flowers can.

The best and most important part of what I do is sitting down and getting to know each of my clients personally, truly getting a feel for what dream is in your head, whether it be a small and intimate dinner gathering or a huge black tie wedding.  I want to get every important detail just right so your day looks even better than imagined and you don't have to stress about it along the way.

 Say hello, see if your date is available.  .  .