Hello, welcome. . .

I believe that warmth and grace are paramount in life (with a lot of fun thrown in too) I think a friendly smile at a stranger can go a long way and that always opting for friendliness first makes all the difference. Naturally, flowers are the perfect medium for my creative energy, just their presence alone makes people warm up a little.  You can see it in the face of strangers when I walk by with a bouquet in my hands for delivery or the way tourists are awed by the stalls of flowers at our local market, let alone the delivery of a bridal bouquet on that special day.  Nothing can set the 'feel' of your ideal wedding the same way that beautifully arranged flowers can.

 When you hire me, your not only investing in the fact that every single sustainably grown bloom, in every single arrangement, is being placed in that exact right spot with intention that lets each flower shine on its own to make a more beautiful whole but that you are also working with someone that is going to listen to every word and wish to make sure your event is the best that it can be and that my door is always warmly open for any questions or issues that may arise. There is nothing more important to me than making sure what I am doing for you is perfect through your eyes.