Hello, welcome. . . Let me tell you a bit about myself. . .

 Photo By Char Beck 

Photo By Char Beck 


I have always loved flowers, I got my beginnings spending every spring hauling wheelbarrows of topsoil and compost across our yard for my mother's gardens. There was always a vase of some blooms or another on our kitchen table and even from a young age it was clearly apparent the effect just a few flowers could have on a room or a person's mood. After so many years of loving the feeling of handing off a small posy of stems to a friend for their birthday or when they were having a rough time, it was only natural to turn that love into a business. Spreading warmth is paramount in my life and there is no better medium with which to do that than flowers.

When I don't have my hands full of blooms you will usually find me running around outside with my pup Elenor, adventuring around the globe with my husband, covered in dirt, digging in the garden, or buried in a book (the only time I ever really slow down much. . .)

 I am always on the go, fast-walking, fast-talking, full of life.  You know that old saying "If you want something done, ask a busy person"  that is me, 100%.  I have a constant thirst for life and knowledge, I want to learn and see and do everything I come across in life.  You will constantly find me deep in conversation with strangers, chatting away, learning other people's stories and experiences. . .

Kindness is one of my biggest priorities in life.  I truly believe that slowing down and checking our impatience as we move through our busy days for a moment to make sure we are being kind to one another is truly what makes the world go around.  This coupled with constant laughter is generally the recipe for success around our home and studio. I am constantly goofing around, laughing, making light of all situations, light and heavy. Hustle and silliness are my defining traits, I am the most fun and yet the most dependable, hard-working of people you will meet. Life is messy and imperfect but throughout and between those things there is so much beauty, perfection, and humor to focus on and make each day lovely. 

If I sound like a good match for you, reach out, say hello!  I promise to chat your ear off and make you feel like an instant old friend while helping guide you to and through the most beautiful of events.