Growth and Change

Starting a business is scary, I don't care what anyone says, putting yourself out there into the world and putting any eggs in a basket even if it is not all of them is truly terrifying, even for the most confident of us.  I am having a lot of fun navigating the ins and outs of business building, a lot of which I am learning on my own, as I go.  Everyone says, don't show your self conscious side in business, always put your best Instagram photo forward and don't even think about letting the world see your messy house and cat tearing apart the studio just outside the image.  So consider this my not-so-cool, too honest blog post.  I have a talent, I am really good at making beautiful things, and my confidence in my ability to build the most gorgeous of weddings is rock solid.  It is the behind the scenes that is the intimidating;  The decisions of which direction to go at what time, where to place my money that is best for growth.  The first big decision you make when you start a business is what is your name going to be.  I weighed on this forever when I first decided to pursue flowers, Do I use my name (that could potentially change in the future-it did.) or go with a cute floral industry-esque name?  I went with the cute name and I wanted it to pay homage to the other things that make my heart whole, that being sailing and the constant part that saltwater has playing in my life, thus was born Startboard & Salt.   But, I have learned a lot about my self in the last year or so and one of the big things I have learned is my trace amount of modesty tend to come in the form of being terrible at selling myself to strangers, not those strangers who I write proposals for or who are interested in me, but those people in the grocery store line or at the floral wholesaler.  I hate saying "Hi, I'm Leah Erickson with Starboard & Salt"  it is uncomfortable rolling off my tongue and feels pushy.  So I made the big decision (now that my name is a permanent one)  to rebrand and change my business to my name, so now, when I meet that person in the market I can say "Hi, I'm Leah Erickson" and when the next month she comes across a picture of my flowers she can think 'That was that girl I met' It creates a more direct connection with me a person and my business and flowers.  So, I present to you, Leah Erickson Floral, enjoy, tell your friends, and if you need some beautiful flowers you know where to find me.